Most would agree false eye­lashes are a gift from the beauty gods. They come in all shapes and sizes, can last for a day or a month, make your eyes pop and add a touch of glam­our to any look. How­ever, choos­ing the right lashes and ap­ply­ing them cor­rectly isn’t al­ways that straight­for­ward. Luck­ily DMD Ed­u­ca­tion celebrity make-up artist Dale Dorn­ing is here to share his tricks to tack­ling DIY glue-on, mag­netic lashes and eyelash ex­ten­sions. “Faux lashes come in many forms de­pen­dant on the longevity re­quired, the oc­ca­sion and the de­sired ef­fect,” Dale says. “From nat­u­ral styles to the more dra­matic, faux lashes en­hance the nat­u­ral eye shape.” Glue-on strip eye­lashes are the most cost­ef­fec­tive choice. Usu­ally around $10, they can be used re­peat­edly with proper care. Mag­netic eye­lashes range in price from $25 to $50 and are harder to source. They work by hav­ing two or three tiny mag­nets on the eyelash strip and snap to­gether over your nat­u­ral lashes. They’re reusable and can typ­i­cally be bought on­line, but it takes a lot of prac­tice to get them look­ing right. Eyelash ex­ten­sions are the most per­ma­nent op­tion, but also the prici­est. Ex­pect to spend at least $100 for a pro­fes­sional ap­pli­ca­tion ses­sion that can take one to three hours. To keep up ap­pear­ances you’ll have to re­book ev­ery four weeks. “There are now so many choices of fi­bres and se­lected lengths with lash ex­ten­sions. When ap­plied and cared for cor­rectly they are great pe­ri­od­i­cally,” Dale says. “I rec­om­mend lengths and fi­bres that give thick­ness to the nat­u­ral hairs with length where needed to bal­ance the eye shape. “With mag­netic lashes, the de­liv­ery sys­tem and ap­pli­ca­tion can be tricky. As a make-up artist, I pre­fer tra­di­tional false (glue-on) lashes as, de­pend­ing on the look I cre­ate, I can go from barely there to Kim Kar­dashi­anwest-in­spired with the cor­rect style. “My tried and tested lashes — what I use on celebri­ties, bridal and black-tie events to photo shoots — are what I call a strip or bar lash with an in­vis­i­ble band. Avail­able from Model­rock Lashes, these lashes are 100 per cent hand­made from hu­man hair.” Dale says to fol­low these steps when ap­ply­ing your own glue-on lashes. “Curl and mas­cara your nat­u­ral lashes, us­ing a wa­ter­proof mas­cara as this keeps the nat­u­ral lash up. Ap­ply ad­he­sive spar­ingly to the spine of the lash and count to 20. This al­lows the ad­he­sive to go tacky. Start slightly in from the outer cor­ners of the eye as you get a nat­u­ral-look­ing fin­ish. “I also rec­om­mend us­ing a mag­ni­fy­ing mir­ror and good light.” If you’re new to the DIY eyelash game, glue-on and mag­netic false lashes in quar­ter or half sizes are eas­ier to ap­ply as there’s less time spent fix­ing them in place. Make sure to ap­ply them in the same way by start­ing on the outer part of the lid and press­ing them in. Once you’ve taken your lashes for a night on the town, gen­tly pull them off and re­use them. “Clean the glue off your strip lashes with rub­bing al­co­hol and place them back in their tray,” Dale says.

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