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Ihad an in­ter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion with a friend this week who is an artist at heart and a busi­ness­man by ne­ces­sity. men­tioned how he seems to paint in dif­fer­ent styles at dif­fer­ent times and asked if that is the same for all artists. While he could only an­swer that ques­tion for him­self, he agreed that his style does vary ac­cord­ing to cer­tain things. One is the en­vi­ron­ment where he is paint­ing – a stu­dio or out­doors, for ex­am­ple. That is un­der­stand­able be­cause one could be seen as mostly static and the other as an ever-shift­ing en­vi­ron­ment with all of the chal­lenges that may present in re­la­tion to tem­per­a­ture, hu­mid­ity, wind, sun, light, shadow, move­ment etc and each re­quires a cer­tain set of skills. He went on to de­scribe that the other main as­pect that in­flu­ences his style is his mind­set. In other words, if he is paint­ing dur­ing a busy pe­riod at work then his mind may not be on the art­work he is cre­at­ing but rather on the events of the day. He went on to com­pare that to what hap­pens when he takes time out and goes on a paint­ing trip. His style on the first day or so is very dif­fer­ent from that of the third day and beyond due to the fact that his mind is set­tling, and he is be­com­ing more re­laxed and at one with the im­me­di­ate en­vi­ron­ment. I know very lit­tle about art apart from how I feel about a cer­tain piece, yet I can un­der­stand that art, or any cre­ative pur­suit re­ally, flows much more eas­ily for the cre­ator when it comes from the heart and in­nate abil­ity rather than from the ra­tio­nal, log­i­cal brain. Our brains are won­der­ful and pow­er­ful, and they can some­times get in the way of cer­tain types of cre­ativ­ity. The dif­fer­ence be­tween my ex­pe­ri­ence of one cre­ative piece over an­other is my abil­ity to con­nect with it or not and feel what the cre­ator was con­nect­ing to and feel­ing at the time, or not. I imag­ine that if some­one is paint­ing, sculpt­ing or cre­at­ing, it’s be­cause they love to do that and their cre­ativ­ity and con­nec­tion to that piece flows nat­u­rally. It’s not about the money or recog­ni­tion pri­mar­ily and their work would re­flect that. Equally I can imag­ine that if some­one was un­der pres­sure to be cre­ative in or­der to make money then that would in­flu­ence their work and could get in the way of their nat­u­ral con­nec­tion and flow and, again, the piece would re­flect that and be felt by oth­ers. I feel that it is only when we are truly con­nect­ing with who we are, where we are and what and how we are do­ing some­thing that we find flow and in­spi­ra­tion in the mo­ment and al­low oth­ers to see and con­nect with that part of us too.

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