1. Does cala­mari come from prawns or squid? 2. Was ac­tress Naomi Watts born in Aus­tralia or Eng­land? 3. The Ry­der Cup golf tour­na­ment is cur­rently be­ing played in (a) Eng­land (b) France (c) US? 4. Lit­tle Bo Peep, the nurs­ery rhyme char­ac­ter, cared for which type of an­i­mals? 5. Which coun­try re­cently leg­is­lated to ban the wear­ing of veils in pub­lic (a) Canada (b) Den­mark (c) Saudi Ara­bia? 6. Who played Do­minika Egorova, a for­mer bal­le­rina, tasked with se­duc­ing a Rus­sian politi­cian in re­turn for her mother’s con­tin­ued med­i­cal care in the re­cent movie Red Spar­row? 7. The modern recipe for the dim sim was re­put­edly de­vel­oped in which Aus­tralian city in the 1940s? 8. Which for­mer Aus­tralian test bats­man re­cently quit as a na­tional se­lec­tor after sign­ing on as a Fox­tel com­men­ta­tor? 9. Who is the only African-amer­i­can to have won the Os­car for Best Ac­tress? 10. “I am just a poor boy, though my story’s sel­dom told,” are lyrics from which song? 11. After the 2004 NRL grand fi­nal, who gave his premier­ship ring to team­mate Steve Price (who was un­able to play be­cause of in­jury)? 12. Which fed­eral po­lit­i­cal leader re­cently claimed that a Se­nate col­league “stabbed me in the back”? 13. What is the term for the de­vice which al­lows pi­lots to re­pro­duce flight con­di­tions? 14. The length for which ath­let­ics event is based on the dis­tance be­tween Wind­sor Cas­tle and White City Sta­dium in Lon­don? 15. Be­gin­ning with “c”, what is the term for skin dim­pling? 16. What is the Latin term for the North­ern Lights? 17. Co­me­di­ans Mel But­tle and Claire Hooper host which TV cook­ing show? 18. Which three-time Wim­ble­don sin­gles cham­pion is the Ger­man Davis Cup coach? 19. What is the term for the shal­low cylin­dri­cal glass or plas­tic-lid­ded con­tainer used to cul­ture cells? 20. Which rock star was in­ducted into the US Army in 1958? 21. The Spit­fire, the first war­ship built in Aus­tralia for a colo­nial gov­ern­ment, was op­er­ated by which colony? 22. The Bat­tle of Ham­burger Hill took place dur­ing which war?

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