Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - COMPILED BY: ROY O’REILLY

1. Which word is the ti­tle of a Shake­speare play and the term for a small vil­lage? 2. The re­cent Small Arms Sur­vey re­ported that what per­cent­age of the world’s 857 mil­lion civil­ian-held firearms are in the United States (a) 16 per cent (b) 46 per cent (c) 76 per cent? 3. How many peo­ple tra­di­tion­ally pull a Christ­mas bon­bon? 4. Drunken Mon­key is a form of (a) judo (b) karate (c) kung fu? 5. Does the Banda Sea have shore­lines on the is­lands of Fiji or In­done­sia? 6. Maxwell Klinger was a char­ac­ter in which long-run­ning TV show? 7. Name the only land­locked coun­try in South­east Asia. 8. Begin­ning with “m”, what is the term for the ob­ject used to strike the bars of a xy­lo­phone? 9. In which mu­si­cal does a child’s train set mag­i­cally come to life? 10. From 1992–1999, Soc­ceroos goal­keeper Mark Bos­nich played 179 matches for which English club? 11. The name of one of the gangs in the mu­si­cal West Side Story is the same as the nick­name of which NRL team? 12. Were Fez, Karachi, La­gos and Rio De Janeiro pre­vi­ously the cap­i­tal of their re­spec­tive coun­tries? 13. Ta­tiana Grig­orieva rep­re­sented Aus­tralia in which ath­let­ics event at Com­mon­wealth and Olympic Games? 14. In 1998, Clint Hal­lam be­came the first per­son to re­ceive a trans­planted (a) eye (b) hand (c) heart? 15. Which Aus­tralian telco gi­ant re­cently an­nounced it would be sack­ing 8000 staff over the next four years? 16. The Moomba Monarch ti­tle is awarded each year dur­ing a ma­jor fes­ti­val in which city? 17. Which re­cent movie was based on the Star Wars char­ac­ter Han Solo? 18. The Winged Foot Golf Club is in which coun­try? 19. Which hit TV show told of the lives of women who were an art dealer, lawyer, news­pa­per colum­nist and pub­li­cist? 20. The is­lands An­guilla and Guade­loupe are in which sea? 21. Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, who was the first hu­man to be born? 22. What is the name of New Zealand prime min­is­ter Jacinda Ardern’s baby daugh­ter? 23. The Mile High Sta­dium is in which US city?

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