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Take a mo­ment to digest this ground­break­ing news – you’ve been eat­ing burg­ers all wrong. Ac­cord­ing to life hacks ex­pert Grant Thomp­son – who likes to be known as the King of Ran­dom – the best way to eat your burger is up­side down. And be­fore you start do­ing hand­stands and giv­ing your­selves in­di­ges­tion, we’re not talk­ing about you, we’re talk­ing about the burger. See, usu­ally the top part of a ham­burger bun is wider, thicker and stur­dier than the bot­tom half – plus it has less to con­tend with as it sits on top of the fill­ing rather than un­der­neath it all. With par­tic­u­larly saucy burg­ers, the bot­tom half of the bun can end up get­ting soggy and fall­ing apart, hav­ing soaked up all the juicy good­ness. If you turn it up­side down, your fill­ing will start to soak into the top half of the bun rather than out the sides, mak­ing it much less likely you’ll suf­fer any un­wanted spillages. The flip also means your let­tuce will now be at the bot­tom of the burger, trans­form­ing it into a bar­rier for drip­ping juices. Plus the soaked bot­tom part of the bun will be on the top, mean­ing it won’t break up mid-munch and fall into your lap. Ge­nius.

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