1. Favourite time of day and why?

Any time of day when some­one isn’t ask­ing me to make a de­ci­sion. Usu­ally night-time when it’s quiet and I can paint or draw with­out any dis­trac­tions of peo­ple call­ing or tex­ting me. And I can put on a ter­ri­ble ac­tion movie with­out feel­ing judged for it.

2. What ex­cites you?

Cheese on spe­cial. Or when my boss asks me to do a re­port. I love spread­sheets. Tax time is like Christ­mas come early. I get that from my mum.

3. Favourite sport? Player or spec­ta­tor?

It’s fairly English: I love watch­ing Wim­ble­don (ten­nis) and the Ry­der Cup (golf ). As a player, I just like go­ing for a swim or snorkel. Don’t ask me to play a team sport. The pres­sure ter­ri­fies me and I will prob­a­bly just give the ball away to who­ever runs at me.

4. Best child­hood me­mory?

I knocked my two front teeth out fall­ing off my skate­board. Then I could drink through a straw with my teeth shut. That felt pretty cool at the time.

5. Where were you born?

Chert­sey in Eng­land. It’s in Sur­rey. But when peo­ple ask me where I’m from and I say “Sur­rey”, they usu­ally think I’ve said “Sorry?” and re­peat the ques­tion.

6. Where would you like to hol­i­day?

For some rea­son, I’ve al­ways fan­cied go­ing to St Peters­burg in Rus­sia in the mid­dle of win­ter – cov­ered in snow and colder than a po­lar bear’s pinky toe. But usu­ally I like to go home to Eng­land for fam­ily time and vis­its to my lo­cal pub.

7. Cats or dogs? Do you have a pet?

I don’t have any pets (rental life) but my friend Be­linda runs Holis­tic Hounds in Bli Bli, train­ing dogs. So when­ever I can go for a walk with her and the pups she is train­ing, that’s a good time. Seven happy faces and wag­ging tails brighten any day.

8. Who are your he­roes?

My he­roes are peo­ple who over­come the sit­u­a­tions they are in to achieve what is in their heart or to help other peo­ple. My dear friend El­lie passed away re­cently but she fought to the end with such grace, hope and faith and in­spired me to­wards liv­ing my life fully for God and oth­ers. She is my all-time hero.

9. Dream job?

Any mu­ral job where the client trusts me enough to let me do my thing to get the best out­come for them ... some­thing big with the free­dom to make the wall mean some­thing, to con­vey a mes­sage or a feel­ing. They’re the great ones.

10. What will you be do­ing in 10 years?

Qui­etly giv­ing my kid a glass of wa­ter to go throw over their dad’s head.

11. What’s the best thing about liv­ing on the Sun­shine Coast?

You can’t beat the life­style here. All-year round is a po­ten­tial beach or moun­tain day. It re­ally en­cour­ages you to get out into na­ture and ap­pre­ci­ate the world. It’s good for your heart and brain. I wish it was closer to Eng­land, though. Could some­one please hurry up with their tele­por­ta­tion project? Thank you kindly.


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