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With Christ­mas just a blink away, who has time to sleep? ’Tis the sea­son for so­cial­is­ing, but if you’re flaunt­ing cur­few too reg­u­larly your skin will dob you in. Skin­sti­tut ex­pert Zoe Devine says signs your com­plex­ion is suf­fer­ing from a short­age of shut-eye in­clude puffy, dull or lack­lus­tre skin, dark un­der-eye cir­cles, and break­outs. “While we sleep our skin ex­pe­ri­ences in­creased cir­cu­la­tion and oxy­gen flow and with this comes nutri­ent de­liv­ery and the ef­fi­cient re­moval of waste prod­ucts,” she says. “The vast ma­jor­ity of skin heal­ing and re­pair­ing takes place while we sleep, so if our sleep qual­ity or quan­tity is re­duced this will im­pair these pro­cesses from tak­ing place. “A com­mon short-term con­cern from lack of sleep is puffi­ness around the eyes. This oc­curs be­cause the ex­cess fluid that re­sides near the skin (ready to be trans­ported and ex­creted by the blad­der) isn’t re­moved ef­fi­ciently. “The eye area has the least amount of fat com­pared to other ar­eas of the face so the fluid re­ten­tion be­comes more ob­vi­ous here.” With long-term chronic sleep de­pri­va­tion also as­so­ci­ated with pre­ma­ture age­ing, get­ting your beauty sleep is no joke. If the dam­age is al­ready done, Zoe says to fo­cus on home-care so­lu­tions that fa­cil­i­tate cir­cu­la­tion, heal­ing and re­pair­ing. “In­gre­di­ents like gin­ger are great for this,” she tips. “If your skin is be­com­ing more sen­si­tised and re­ac­tive as a re­sult of lack of sleep, con­sider us­ing low-in­ten­sity skin care prod­ucts rather than ex­cep­tion­ally ac­tive, high-in­ten­sity prod­ucts. “Be mind­ful that lack of sleep will in­crease our crav­ings for all things caf­feine, sugar and re­fined carbs. While these all may seem like a great idea for an in­stant fix, in the long run they will in­crease re­ac­tiv­ity in your skin and also ac­cel­er­ate the age­ing process (not to men­tion re­duce the like­li­hood of a rest­ful night’s sleep the fol­low­ing night).” Once you’re get­ting your reg­u­la­tion eight hours, give na­ture a help­ing hand. Sleep­ing on silk slips will make bed hair a thing of the past, re­duc­ing the risk of frizz and split ends. If you’re guilty of go­ing to bed with wet hair, con­sider the new dou­ble-sided slips from Shhh Silk that com­bine silk with mi­crofi­bre to ab­sorb ex­cess mois­ture and al­low damp hair to dry nat­u­rally. And no mat­ter how tired you are, take your party face off be­fore you crash. Ex­tra points if you use a gen­tle cleans­ing oil, but make-up wipes will get the job done in record time.

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