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We all have our time, but it’s in­evitably sad when some­one who has had so much in­flu­ence on cul­ture passes away. The thing I love about Stan Lee is that he seemed to by­pass most types of prej­u­dice in the char­ac­ters he cre­ated – even so far as to orig­i­nally make Hulk the colour grey so as not to of­fend any race. I didn’t know him per­son­ally but it feels to me like his pur­pose to cre­ate these char­ac­ters was to show that any­one – no mat­ter what race, sex or age – could be a su­per­hero. Did you know that Michael Jack­son tried to buy Marvel Comics in the early ’90s so that he could play Spi­derman in his own movie? It’s no se­cret that Spi­derman is the most pop­u­lar su­per­hero that Marvel, ac­cord­ing to, beat­ing Wolver­ine and Cap­tain Amer­ica, but he’s not my per­sonal favourite. I like a bit of grit in my su­per­hero: some­one who is cheeky, in­tel­li­gent and has a slight whiff of nar­cis­sism. Can you guess who it is yet? There’s an epic list of amaz­ing he­roes that Lee cre­ated, but I have to nail it down to one: Iron Man. Iron Man was cre­ated by Lee as a chal­lenge to cre­ate a hero no one should like and force peo­ple to like him. Tony Stark is a self-made su­per­hero, which prob­a­bly ap­peals to my con­trol-freak per­son­al­ity. I do love the idea that we want to hate him, but his charisma just gets you back over the line. Who­ever you choose as your hero, there’s no doubt Stan Lee has amazed and in­spired us. But, I think one of the great­est char­ac­ters that Lee left us with was him­self – “Ex­cel­sior Man”. Ever up­ward.


The world lost a good one when Stan Lee dropped off the mor­tal coil this week. And 95 is, as they say, a good in­nings. But with all the su­per­pow­ers he be­stowed on to his many colour­ful char­ac­ters, im­mor­tal­ity wasn’t one he could save for him­self. Or was it? Many will ar­gue that Lee will live on for­ever, at least in the hearts and minds of his le­gions of fans – be it an in­di­vid­ual char­ac­ter fan, avengers fan or sim­ply a fan of the Marvel Uni­verse, as it is pop­u­larly re­ferred to. But who reigns supreme? Who is the great­est Marvel char­ac­ter of them all? Gen Xers will put for­ward a solid case for Spi­derman or the Hulk. Gen Y may push for Iron Man or Cap­tain Amer­ica. Mil­len­ni­als will look up from their de­vice long enough to tell us that one of the Guardians of the Gal­axy char­ac­ters is their favourite. The magic of the Marvel Uni­verse is that there is truly some­one for ev­ery­one to iden­tify with. For me. it’s Thor. Maybe it’s be­cause of my Nor­we­gian her­itage. Maybe it’s the no­tion of ham­mer wield­ing demigod in leather (don’t read too much into that). Or maybe it’s be­cause the most re­cent on-screen ver­sion is played by none other than our very own demigod Chris Hemsworth. What­ever the rea­son, Thor is the Lee cre­ation I most iden­tify with and in which I can lose my­self in the imag­i­nary world of the pos­si­ble. Let’s face it, who doesn’t for just a sec­ond imag­ine a life where we have spe­cial pow­ers? Lee did and will be re­mem­bered al­ways for it.


Marvel comic leg­end Stan Lee was a ge­nius in the way he was able to make the ev­ery­day hu­man feel like they had some sort of su­per­power. I can as­sure you, su­per­hero movies aren’t usu­ally my thing, but the Marvel movies are the one ex­cep­tion. There’s a few su­per­heroes who stand out. In the early days, I was a fan of Spi­derman, be­cause I love Kirsten Dunst and the “Spi­derman kiss” – so much so, my ex-boyfriend and I tried to recre­ate it once (an­other story for an­other day). More re­cently, along with many oth­ers, my at­ten­tion has turned to the beau­ti­ful god of thun­der, Thor, played by our amaz­ing Aussie ac­tor Chris Hemsworth. The long blond hair with the big mus­cles and a nice sense of hu­mour, is it any won­der there’s ladies and men drool­ing over him? Of course, there’s more to Thor than just his good looks. He’s strong, and he’s pow­er­ful and has a nice ham­mer, which ap­par­ently you can only use with one hand be­cause the han­dle is too small for two hands. The gym rou­tine that Chris Hemsworth had to un­der­take to re­sem­ble Thor was in­cred­i­ble. To get the Chris Hemsworth look, his trainer says: “It was just red meat, heavy weights and some pro­tein pow­der. He crushed ev­ery sin­gle work­out. He sim­ply de­cided to look like Thor.” The way Stan Lee was able to in­ter­twine the Marvel char­ac­ters was truly ex­tra­or­di­nary. They owned their pow­ers and their char­ac­ter space and the ac­tors he got to play them re­ally repli­cated the orig­i­nal comic char­ac­ter.

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