1. Which elec­tron­ics giant was re­cently forced to pay Ap­ple more than $700 mil­lion in dam­ages for copy­ing some iphone fea­tures? 2. Which coun­try was forced to fly its team home from the Gold Coast Com­mon­wealth Games af­ter a third of its ath­letes van­ished (a) Cameroon (b) Kenya (c) Zam­bia? 3. Chrysalis is a stage of de­vel­op­ment of a (a) crocodile (b) but­ter­fly (c) kan­ga­roo? 4. Is hy­dropho­bia the fear of fire or wa­ter? 5. Rhyming with “pickle”, what is the hand­held curved-blade tool used at har­vest? 6. The name of which choco­late-like pow­der is an ana­gram of “co­bra”? 7. Af­ter 107 ap­pear­ances for the Soc­ceroos, who re­cently an­nounced his re­tire­ment from in­ter­na­tional matches? 8. What is the term for side whiskers nar­row at the top and rounded at the bot­tom? 9. Sam Chisholm, the for­mer boss of which TV net­work died re­cently aged 78? 10. “Good morn­ing starshine, the earth says hello. You twin­kle above us. We twin­kle be­low,” are lyrics from which song? 11. NSW me­dia la­belled whose 1987 se­lec­tion as Queens­land State of Ori­gin half-back a joke? 12. Har­ri­son Ford once worked as a (a) car­pen­ter (b) train driver (c) phys­io­ther­a­pist? 13. Which 71-test for­mer Aus­tralian Di­a­monds cap­tain re­cently an­nounced her re­tire­ment from in­ter­na­tional net­ball? 14. Which two sin­gle-digit num­bers have two syl­la­bles? 15. Were Michelan­gelo and Leonardo da Vinci ever alive at the same time? 16. In which re­cent movie did Cher play So­phie’s estranged grand­mother Ruby? 17. Pat Rafter won the US Open ten­nis sin­gles ti­tles in which two years? 18. Ru­pert Stadler, the boss of which auto giant, was re­cently ar­rested af­ter a probe into emis­sions test cheat­ing in diesel cars? 19. Which Hol­ly­wood silent movie star was noted for play­ing a bowler-hat­ted tramp? 20. Philip Wil­son re­cently re­signed as Catholic arch­bishop of which state cap­i­tal af­ter be­ing sen­tenced to 12 months’ jail for cov­er­ing up the ac­tiv­i­ties of a pe­dophile? 21. Which Aus­tralian bat­tle­cruiser was scut­tled off Sydney in 1924 as part of the pro­vi­sions of the 1922 Wash­ing­ton Naval Treaty? 22. In the novel Moby Dick, what did the ship’s car­pen­ter con­vert to a life-buoy?


1. Sam­sung. 2. (a) Cameroon. 3. (b) but­ter­fly. 4. Wa­ter. 5. Sickle. 6. Carob. 7. Tim Cahill. 8. Mut­ton chops. 9. Nine Net­work. 10. Good Morn­ing Starshine. 11. Al­lan Langer. 12. (a) car­pen­ter. 13. Laura Geitz. 14. Zero, seven. 15. Yes. 16. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. 17. 1997, 1998. 18. Audi. 19. Char­lie Chap­lin. 20. Ade­laide. 21. HMAS Australia. 22. Cof­fin.

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