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Re­gard­less whether you’re 16 or 66, those dark cir­cles un­der your eyes are a night­mare come true. But be­fore you give up all hope, we’ve turned to one of the world’s most fa­mous fa­cial­ists, Ole Hen­rik­sen, to get to the bot­tom of this pesky prob­lem once and for all. Hen­risken re­veals that the num­ber one key to ban­ish­ing dark eye cir­cles doesn’t lie in exxy treat­ments and serums. In fact, it all comes down to a c-word no one likes to hear … con­sti­pa­tion. “When a body is semi-toxic from con­sti­pa­tion, that tox­i­c­ity is re­flected in bloat­ing and not proper cir­cu­la­tion,” the celebrity ex­pert says. “The eye re­gion is the mir­ror to the soul, and it will show there as well as through dark cir­cles and puffi­ness.” On top of stress and lack of sleep, Hen­rik­sen ex­plains dark cir­cles are a sign of de­hy­dra­tion, too. “Wa­ter is the key to con­tin­u­ously pu­ri­fy­ing ev­ery vi­tal or­gan of the body. It helps to flush and pu­rify both the body and skin.” But just like ex­er­cise and diet work hand-in-hand, your skin­care rou­tine and diet also work seam­lessly to­gether. Hen­risken firstly wants you to elim­i­nate retinol prod­ucts from your stash of anti-age­ing prod­ucts. Wait, why? Un­for­tu­nately, it might be mak­ing your dark cir­cles more vis­i­ble. “The rea­son I have never been a fan of retinol used in the Ole­hen­rik­sen for­mu­las is sim­ply that there are too many neg­a­tive side-ef­fects. For one, it sen­si­tises the skin and turns it red, dry and scaly. “It also of­ten makes the cap­il­lar­ies very vis­i­ble, which from my per­spec­tive, this is not a de­sir­able con­di­tion for the skin to be in. When skin is red and ir­ri­tated, the skin’s im­mune man­tle is com­pro­mised,” he adds. In­stead, you should opt for gen­tle in­gre­di­ents like baku­chiol – a nat­u­ral al­ter­na­tive to retinol found in the Ole­hen­rik­sen Retin-alt range. “Baku­chiol ac­tu­ally re­duces red­ness in the skin, makes skin feel com­fort­able and calm, and it is clin­i­cally proven to help re­build new col­la­gen, re­duce lines and wrin­kles, im­prove skin’s firm­ness, while also grad­u­ally help­ing to even skin dis­col­oration and re­duc­ing the look of open pores. “I am ex­cited to say that it is safe for all skin types and all age brack­ets.”

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