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Se­lect­ing the right pen­dant lights for your main bed­room can be a tricky lit­tle as­sign­ment and a po­ten­tial ar­gu­ment starter be­tween part­ners with dif­fer­ent opin­ions. There are cer­tain rules to abide by, yet it’s such a per­sonal decision when con­sid­er­ing style, shape and size. Let’s start with the style of your bed­room and the in­te­rior vibes you’re look­ing to achieve. Are we a high­rise-re­sid­ing bach­e­lor look­ing for city chic, luxe vibes, or are we think­ing a more re­laxed slightly boho space? If your bed­room is lack­ing in the de­fin­i­tive style de­part­ment, or per­haps is more eclec­tic, there’s no bet­ter way to blend your styles or in­tro­duce a style than util­is­ing a pen­dant light. Con­sider what ma­te­ri­als you like that will sup­port your cho­sen style. For ex­am­ple, rat­tan and wood can bring to­gether a nat­u­ral feel in coastal and re­laxed in­te­ri­ors. Glass and con­crete lights lend them­selves beau­ti­fully to con­tem­po­rary or mas­cu­line spa­ces. This is, of course, quite generic, but be­fore you hit up Bea­con do your re­search as to what style and ma­te­ri­als you like. This will en­sure you stay within your style and will help pre­vent be­ing over­whelmed when faced with 568 pen­dant lights. Think about the most dom­i­nant de­sign el­e­ment or el­e­ments in your bed­room. If you don’t have a fo­cal point, the ad­di­tion of a statement pen­dant could of­fer you se­ri­ous wow fac­tor and fin­ish the room. That said, if Ver­sace is your thing and your room is cov­ered floor to ceil­ing in wall­pa­per, bold art­work and a large statue of a gold tiger then best you keep things sim­ple to bal­ance and pare back the space. Shape and size are equally im­por­tant now you’ve dis­cov­ered your style. If you jump on Pin­ter­est, type in bed­room pen­dants and take a look at the images, there are two stand-out de­sign el­e­ments you may or may not no­tice. Un­less you’re Austin Powers, most bed­room fur­ni­ture is an­gu­lar, lin­eal or square – and doesn’t ro­tate in a cir­cle, might I add. So re­gard­less of style, 99 per cent of pen­dants found in bed­rooms are round or curved in form. In­tro­duc­ing pen­dants that are cir­cu­lar or at least have some sense of flu­id­ity bal­ances the clean lines and helps to cre­ate what should be a tran­quil, re­laxed en­vi­ron­ment. When it comes to the size of pen­dants, con­sider your side ta­bles. They shall not be larger than the ta­ble, nor shall they be tiny in com­par­i­son to the ta­ble.

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