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Roses are a tra­di­tional gift for Valen­tine’s Day, but a bunch of cut roses will be gone so quickly. Con­sider a grow­ing gift of a pot­ted rose that will live for years and be a beau­ti­ful re­minder of your heart­felt love.

Here’s how to keep your pot­ted rose look­ing fab­u­lous:

1. Trim off spent flow­ers reg­u­larly to keep the rose look­ing tidy and en­cour­age more flow­ers to de­velop.

2. Feed pot­ted roses each week with a rose fer­tiliser.

3. Pot­ted roses can dry out rapidly in hot sum­mer weather, so make sure you wa­ter them reg­u­larly.

4. Watch out for pests and dis­eases – they can ruin both leaves and flow­ers.

If you have roses grow­ing in your gar­den al­ready and give them a sum­mer prune right now, you’ll soon start to see a won­der­ful flush of new leaves and flower buds. But be­ware, all that lovely fresh growth can at­tract sap-suck­ing in­sect pests like aphids.

Weekly ap­pli­ca­tions of a rose liq­uid plant food will help sup­port new fo­liage and flower growth. Spread­ing a layer of mulch around the root zone will also help keep the soil moist.

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