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We’ve all been there — ap­ply­ing winged eye­liner can make a per­son go from zero to ex­claim­ing, “That’s it, I’m not go­ing out”. If your liner game is more tired rac­coon than Lana Del Rey, celebrity make-up artist Dale Dorn­ing is here to share his best flick tricks and tips. Dale says to start with a neu­tral gel eye­shadow and mas­cara. “My go-to is a neu­tral gel eye­shadow that gives the eye a ba­sic bal­ance and works as a shadow and liner base,” Dale says. “Curl and mas­cara eye­lashes as this will bal­ance your eye shape fur­ther and as­sist you with the thick­ness of your liner and where to start and stop. To strengthen the shape of the eye I al­ways add a half to quar­ter set of ‘fe­line’ lashes to give a real kick and flick ef­fect to the eyes.” Dale prefers gel lin­ers that are ap­plied with a fine brush from a pot, how­ever, pen­cils and felt tip or liq­uid lin­ers can pro­vide dif­fer­ent de­sired strokes. He says to prac­tise first by “map­ping your shape” with a dark eye­shadow, ap­ply­ing it sim­i­lar to how you would your liner. “This sketches the shape and gets the sym­me­try right and if you make a mis­take it can be eas­ily re­moved,” he says. Now you’re ready for the real thing, start with lin­ing the outer corner of the eye, then draw from the in­side back to the outer corner. “With your head up­right and tilted, so the eye you are work­ing on is higher, start ap­ply­ing to the outer cor­ners of the eye first as this is where liner can be fuller,” Dale says. “Don’t overex­tend the liner as you can use a cot­ton bud to gen­tly stretch and dif­fuse the shape. I rec­om­mend work­ing in tan­dem to get the sym­me­try right. “Work­ing from the in­ner corner of the eye, aim as close to your nat­u­ral lashes as pos­si­ble and draw across and up to your outer cor­ners that you have al­ready ap­plied ... ba­si­cally like join­ing the dots. “Once dry you can look straight ahead to see your handy work and add thick­ness or ex­tend the flicks.” If you’ve made a mis­take, a bit of wa­ter­based make-up re­mover on a cot­ton bud will clean up the ev­i­dence and strate­gi­cally placed con­cealer can add def­i­ni­tion. “Mi­cel­lar wa­ter on a cot­ton tip works like an eraser and cleans up ba­sic speed wob­bles,” Dale says. “Con­cealer ap­plied on the outer cor­ners of the eyes un­der your flicks will give a cleaner line to bal­ance and strengthen your shape per­fectly.”

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