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Blon­des might have more fun, but the hue can be hard work too. If your hair has been light­ened, your sum­mer in­cluded any com­bi­na­tion of sun, surf and pool or you have a high­light habit, chances are you’ve felt the pain of watch­ing your ex­pen­sive colour turn dull and brassy.

Pro­voke’s hair ex­pert Lisa Lau­dat says there’s a ton­ing trick all blon­des should master.

“Your hair is con­stantly sub­ject to weather, pol­lu­tion and over styling which all con­trib­ute to it ap­pear­ing duller and in some cases can leave a yel­low tint,” she says.

“For bleached or light blon­des, the trick is to make your colour last longer by us­ing a ton­ing treat­ment.

“The vi­o­let pig­ment in the prod­uct works to coun­ter­act brassy tones and re­stores the bright­ness of your colour, so you can pro­long the time be­tween sa­lon vis­its.”

While the vivid pur­ple shade can look a lit­tle scary in the bot­tle, these prod­ucts work on the colour wheel the­ory (yel­low is op­po­site pur­ple, so they can­cel each other out).

“The de­posit of pig­ment cre­ates an op­ti­cal il­lu­sion, re­duc­ing the over­all ap­pear­ance of any yel­low tones,” Lisa ex­plains.

While there’s no harm in reg­u­larly reach­ing for res­cue in a bot­tle, the ton­ing tac­tic works best as part of an over­all

ap­proach to car­ing for coloured strands.

“How your colour looks is af­fected by the health of your hair, for ex­am­ple, dry hair can of­ten make colour ap­pear duller a lot quicker, so it’s im­por­tant to con­sider a full reg­i­men af­ter your trip to the sa­lon,” Lisa says.

“I re­ally would rec­om­mend a great treat­ment at least once a week.

“Your hair is ex­posed to the weather, heat­ing, air­con­di­tion­ing, sun and pol­lu­tion, ex­actly the same way your skin is.

“As a blonde you also need to fac­tor in the use of bleach and dye on your hair, so it’s im­por­tant to treat it prop­erly and give it a lit­tle bit of love and care.

“I re­ally rec­om­mend Touch of Sil­ver In­ten­sive Con­di­tioner.

“To get your hair in its best con­di­tion, try sham­poo­ing and towel dry­ing it and then putting con­di­tioner on your hair to sleep in.

“Just re­mem­ber to rinse it off the next morn­ing.”

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