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Rocket (eruca sativa), some­times called arugula, makes a vi­brant and pep­pery ad­di­tion to sal­ads, pasta, pizza and pesto.

Rocket leaves also con­tain vi­ta­mins and minerals, are low in calo­ries and car­bo­hy­drates and, be­ing in the same plant fam­ily as broccoli, kale and cau­li­flower, pro­vide a valu­able source of an­tiox­i­dants.

It’s easy to grow your own rocket at home, so you can reg­u­larly add healthy hand­fuls of leaves to lots of dif­fer­ent dishes. Here’s how to start a pot or patch.

In a sunny or partly shaded spot in the gar­den, en­rich the soil by mix­ing in some blood and bone. If you’re grow­ing rocket in a pot, choose a pot with good drainage holes and fill with a qual­ity pot­ting mix.

Sow seeds di­rect where they are to grow and rake lightly into the soil or pot­ting mix, so the seeds are about 3mm deep.

Keep the soil or pot­ting mix moist and seedlings will emerge in 10-14 days. Ap­ply a fer­tiliser so­lu­tion around the root zone.

Start har­vest­ing ten­der young leaves 7-8 weeks af­ter sow­ing. Reg­u­larly pick­ing leaves will help en­cour­age fresh new tangy fo­liage.

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