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Iwas watch­ing an an­i­mated re­view on Youtube this week about a book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and found it in­ter­est­ing as it links into one of our com­pany by­words – small changes cre­ate big re­sults – but looks at in a slightly dif­fer­ent way.

He de­scribes how a choice we make to­day, for ex­am­ple in re­la­tion to some­thing we drink or eat, won’t make any great dif­fer­ence to how we are to­mor­row.

But if that were a poor choice, for ex­am­ple a soft drink rather than a glass of wa­ter and we did that ev­ery day, it would build up over time and have an neg­a­tive

im­pact on our over­all health.

It would be easy to choose the wa­ter, but we tell our­selves that hav­ing this one soft drink won’t make us an un­healthy per­son in one day and so it’s also easy to not choose the wa­ter.

That one small de­ci­sion doesn’t re­ally mat­ter and yet it does; if we con­tin­ued to do that ev­ery day for a year the ef­fects would be no­tice­able.

The op­po­site is also true. If we choose to have the wa­ter in­stead and make that choice ev­ery day then the pos­i­tive ef­fects would also be no­tice­able and this ap­plies to other things, too.

For ex­am­ple, if you were study­ing and find­ing a par­tic­u­lar text­book over­whelm­ing, you could de­cide to read a few pages ev­ery day and keep that up over a year and if you did, you would have read a lot of pages and prob­a­bly many other text­books.

Read­ing a few pages won’t make you an ex­pert on that topic overnight – but over time it would.

Yet if some­thing’s easy to do then it’s also easy to not do and be­ing hu­man we of­ten take the ‘not do’ op­tion.

Each small de­ci­sion we make doesn’t mat­ter and it’s all that mat­ters. It’s the sum of all our daily choices that cre­ates our long-term re­sults and leads us to where we are to­day.

Lit­tle things mat­ter. Small de­ci­sions move us to­wards our fu­ture and if we’re clear about where we are go­ing and who we want to be, a de­sired fu­ture state, then we need to ask our­selves ‘Will this choice help me get there?’ ev­ery de­ci­sion we make and ev­ery ac­tion we take.

If the an­swer is no, we may some­times choose to do that any­way and it’s im­por­tant to con­sider the im­pact of that choice.

If the an­swer is yes, we will find our­selves where we want to be sooner than ex­pected and that would be awe­some wouldn’t it?

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