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It’s a valid life cri­sis hav­ing short eye­lashes. En­ter: the lash lift.

It’s the big­gest beauty trend of the mo­ment that in­volves no glue, is safe and, un­like ex­ten­sions, you can ac­tu­ally ex­er­cise/wash your face/sleep prop­erly/get on with life without hav­ing to worry about your lashes fall­ing out or drop­ping.

If you’re un­fa­mil­iar with what a lash lift is, ba­si­cally the lashes are coated with a ker­atin for­mula, which is pressed against a mould that is placed on your up­per eye­lid line. Less than 30 min­utes later the mould comes off, and your lashes are curled and lifted – and yes, stay like that through thick and thin.

Typ­i­cally, a lift is sup­posed to last a max­i­mum of six weeks, but ac­cord­ing to beauty tech­ni­cian at Christophe­r Hanna, Katie Charon­ska, there is a sim­ple trick to mak­ing it last a cou­ple of weeks longer be­fore they fall flat again.

Charon­ska says the num­ber one tip to pro­long­ing your lash lift comes down to sim­ply swap­ping your wa­ter­proof mas­cara for a reg­u­lar wa­ter-re­sis­tant ver­sion.

“If you wear wa­ter­proof mas­cara, it’s harder to get off and you can only use oil-based make-up re­mover. The oil in it will drop your lash lift faster,” she ex­plains.

Here are sim­ple ways to help make your lift last longer:

● Avoid wa­ter­proof mas­cara.

● Avoid oil-based cleansers.

● Wait at least 12 hours after your lift be­fore wet­ting your eyes.

● Wait at least 24 hours after your lift be­fore ap­ply­ing eye make-up.

— www.bodyand­soul.com.au

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