1. Which for­mer Aus­tralian of the Year was re­cently named chair­woman of the ABC?

2. Bill Shorten is older than Scott Morrison by (a) one year and one day (b) two years and two days (c) three years and three days?

3. In which year was vol­ley­ball first con­tested at the Olympics (a) 1964 (b) 1984 (c) 2004?

4. Which “day” is named be­cause of the prac­tice of giv­ing gra­tu­ities or Christ­mas boxes to ser­vants?

5. Jakarta is on which is­land?

6. Which num­ber is re­garded as un­lucky be­cause Judas was maybe the last per­son to ar­rive at the Last Sup­per?

7. Tor­res Strait links which two seas?

8. Which golf ma­jor is be­ing played this week­end?

9. A bull and which other an­i­mal ap­pear in Pi­casso’s fa­mous paint­ing Guer­nica?

10. “Gonna make a jail­break and I’m lookin’ to­wards the sky,” are lyrics from which song?

11. Who did Paul Gallen re­cently send to the can­vas face-first with a sec­ond-round knock-out in a grudge box­ing match?

12. Who played Frodo Bag­gins in the Lord of the Rings movies?

13. Why do some coins have milled edges?

14. The 2019 Tour de France will be­gin in

(a) Bel­gium (b) Rus­sia (c) Spain?

15. Which pa­per size was so called be­cause when it was first pro­duced a fool’s cap was wa­ter­marked on it?

16. Which pop princess re­cently be­came the first in over 50 years to have the top three places on the US sin­gles chart?

17. The let­ters OPEC, the in­ter­na­tional or­gan­i­sa­tion, stand for what?

18. Ten­nis Aus­tralia re­cently an­nounced that which player was de­lib­er­ately try­ing to harm the Davis Cup team and would not be con­sid­ered for a re­call?

19. Which Euro­pean coun­try’s flag is a ver­ti­cal tri­colour of green, white and or­ange?

20. Which James Bond movie has the name of a species of duck?

21. Which Aus­tralian monthly mag­a­zine promotes itself as “the surfers’ bi­ble”?

22. Who is the high­est ranked fe­male in line of suc­ces­sion to the Bri­tish throne?

23. A pe­ri­or­bital haematoma is com­monly known by which term?


1. Ita But­trose. 2. (a) one year and one day.

3. (a) 1964. (Tokyo). 4. Box­ing Day. 5. Java.

6. 13. 7. Ara­fura Sea, Coral Sea. 8. US Open.

9. Horse. 10. Jail­break. 11. John Hopoate.

12. Eli­jah Wood. 13. To pre­vent the metal be­ing clipped or filed. 14. (a) Bel­gium.

15. Foolscap. 16. Ari­ana Grande.

17. Or­gan­i­sa­tion of the Pe­tro­leum Ex­port­ing Coun­tries. 18. Bernard Tomic.

19. Ire­land. 20. Gold­eneye. 21. Tracks.

22. Princess Char­lotte. 23. Black eye.

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