1. A tri­en­nium is how many years?

2. Is Los Angeles the cap­i­tal city of Cal­i­for­nia?

3. The world’s tallest bridge (343m) is in (a) Aus­tralia (b) France (c) USA?

4. The Liz El­lis Di­a­mond is awarded in which sport?

5. Who was US pres­i­dent be­tween Ge­orge HW Bush and Ge­orge W Bush?

6. In the TV show Se­in­feld, Elaine char­ac­terised which other char­ac­ter as a “hip­ster doo­fus”?

7. The Ghan train links which two Aus­tralian cap­i­tals?

8. Broad­way is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory?

9. In an up­set re­sult in round one this year, which team beat the de­fend­ing premiers, the West Coast Ea­gles, by 44 points?

10. What is the term for short­hand writ­ing?

11. Which 35-year-old for­mer test for­ward is play­ing for Wests Tigers this sea­son?

12. Most Aus­tralian prime min­is­ters took of­fice in their (a) fifties (b) six­ties (c) seven­ties?

13. Scott Mor­ri­son re­cently called in the am­bas­sador from which coun­try to com­plain about his pres­i­dent’s warn­ings that Aus­tralians would be sent back in “coffins” if they ar­rived with anti-is­lamic sen­ti­ments?

14. Are the hu­man carotid ar­ter­ies in the neck or lower leg?

15. Which Swiss ten­nis star re­cently won his 100th ATP ti­tle?

16. The flags of Bel­gium and Ger­many have which same three colours?

17. The let­ters AED, the por­ta­ble elec­tronic med­i­cal de­vice, stand for what?

18. In which hit mu­si­cal was a group of young Mor­mons sent to a re­mote vil­lage in Uganda?

19. Who has won the most (23) Olympic gold medals?

20. The 2010 song Rolling in the Deep was a hit for which English star?

21. In 2015, which con­tro­ver­sial “big” tourist at­trac­tion statue was erected in the New South Wales town of Nyn­gan in the shire of Bo­gan?

22. Which desert stretches for more than 2000km along the At­lantic coasts of Angola, Namibia and South Africa?

23. Be­gin­ning with “c”, what is the four-let­ter col­lec­tive term for hye­nas?

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