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The Lion King is that film that de­fined so many child­hoods. The an­i­ma­tion at the time was mind-blow­ing and even though they were just draw­ings on a page, the scenery was spec­tac­u­lar.

This week we’ve been asked to high­light our favourite scene from the orig­i­nal The Lion King, which is hard be­cause the film was full of mo­ments.

Be­fore I tell you my favourite mo­ment from the orig­i­nal, I have to tell you that I was a bit scared that they were recre­at­ing such an in­flu­en­tial film. What if they just de­stroyed it and re­moved all of the best bits, sort of like when you go see a band that you love and all they play is their new mu­sic when all you want to hear are the hits that orig­i­nally made you love them.

Well I have to say, all my fears were re­lieved when see­ing this movie be­cause it did so well to pay ho­mage to the orig­i­nal with­out de­stroy­ing ev­ery­thing it stood for. I wasn’t sure how the new cast would live up to the stan­dards set by the likes of James Earl Jones, Rowan Atkin­son, Nathan Lane, Whoopi Gold­berg and Jonathan Tay­lor Thomas. They man­aged to though, so well played to the di­rec­tors.

OK my favourite scene from the orig­i­nal is go­ing to make me sound re­ally sappy, but it re­ally res­onated with true hu­man emo­tion. It’s the scene when Simba and Nala have just been res­cued from the hye­nas by Mu­fasa. Mu­fasa then takes Simba out for a fa­ther-son chat and ex­plains the world to him. It starts with Simba sheep­ishly step­ping into his dad’s foot­prints. Mu­fasa talks to Simba about be­ing brave and vul­ner­a­ble. It was such a bril­liant heart-wrench­ing mo­ment that gave in­sight into a healthy fa­ther-son re­la­tion­ship.


Hakuna Matata, what a won­der­ful phrase. I re­mem­ber sit­ting in the old Ma­roochy­dore Cinema when it was on Hor­ton Parade. It was a sin­gle cinema with a big heavy felt cur­tain that you had to push back to get in.

Des­ley, who still works at Event Cin­e­mas Ma­roochy­dore now, would hook us up with tick­ets and the oblig­a­tory pop­corn and choc top. Now I can’t be sure but I think we were about to watch Juras­sic Park when the trail­ers started and the cap­ti­vat­ing opening of The Lion King echoed through the the­atre. To this very day I have never been more af­fected by a movie trailer – and if I am hon­est – a movie, more than The Lion King. It res­onates on so many lev­els – the story, char­ac­ters and voice per­for­mances.

The an­i­mated ef­fects that in 1994 were next level and now the live an­i­ma­tion ver­sion is about to take flight, and I would be ly­ing if I said I wasn’t a tad ner­vous.

The orig­i­nal is so close to per­fec­tion for me, some­times you just want to scream at the movie ex­ecs, “leave it alone.”

When asked to pick my favourite scene, I strug­gled, but gun to head I have cho­sen Hakuna Matata.

It’s so sim­ple and yet so bril­liant. Child or adult can fathom and ap­ply the sen­ti­ment, “no wor­ries for the rest of your days”, what a great mes­sage. No mat­ter what life throws at you, you have the abil­ity to rise above. As rel­e­vant to­day as it has ever been, our inner strength and at­ti­tude are what shape us.

That and a diet of things that are slimy yet sat­is­fy­ing.


The ex­cite­ment is build­ing, my knees are weak and my arms are heavy. It’s The Lion King week baby.

It’s time to cel­e­brate, what I’m call­ing, “the best Dis­ney movie ever”.

That’s right, it’s amaz­ing and I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s hap­pen­ing this week­end. The Lion King - live an­i­ma­tion re­make.

There have been some mixed re­views al­ready but I’m not mad.

Sure, I’m a lit­tle ner­vous, won­der­ing if it will live up to my ex­pec­ta­tions but I still think it’s go­ing to bring back so many mem­o­ries from the first time I saw it as a four-year-old.

Now, I know that we’re talk­ing about the best The Lion King movie scene. But, there are just so many.

I think my brother, Blake (who is the big­gest Lion King fan ever) would be so dis­ap­pointed if I didn’t men­tion the most fa­mous of them all. The mo­ment that Scar kills Mu­fasa and drops him off the cliff and says: “Long live the king.”

Sorry what? As a four-year-old that’s hard to take. I’m now 29 years old and still can’t watch that scene with­out tears stream­ing down my face.

My brother and I were so ob­sessed with this movie that we used to recre­ate this fa­mous scene. I had a dou­ble bed bunk bed and so I would be on the top bunk and Blake would be Mu­fasa and he would be hang­ing from the side bunk rail­ing, then I would hold his hands (paws) and as Scar and I would say, “Long live the king,” then Blake would roar and fall to the bot­tom of the bunk.

Then we would swap the roles. Geez, we played that for ages.

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