Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - COMPILED BY: ROY O’REILLY

1. Wolf­gang Amadeus were the given names of which noted 18th cen­tury com­poser?

2. Is Julie Bishop or Ju­lia Gil­lard older?

3. The colour of the bot­tom band on the Rus­sian flag is (a) red (b) white (c) blue?

4. Does a hip­popho­bic per­son fear hip­sters or horses?

5. Krzysztof Pi­atek, an AC Mi­lan striker, was re­cently ac­cused of scor­ing a goal with which type of kick (a) hand of God (b) karate (c) kung fu?

6. Which town, 320km south­east of Dar­win, was bombed by Ja­panese air­craft in 1942?

7. Which Euro­pean na­tion­al­ity has the same spelling as a clean­ing term?

8. “She take my money when I’m in need. Yeah, she’s a tri­flin’ friend in­deed,” are lyrics from which song?

9. Who was Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter when Princess El­iz­a­beth be­came Queen El­iz­a­beth II?

10. Which Mel­bourne Cup-win­ning trainer was re­cently banned for four years?

11. MC Ham­mer­head is a mas­cot of which NRL team?

12. The west­ern­most point of con­ti­nen­tal Europe is in (a) France (b) Por­tu­gal (c) Spain?

13. Ac­cord­ing to the su­per­sti­tion, spilled salt should be thrown over which shoul­der to ward off the devil?

14. The cap­i­tal gains tax came into ef­fect in Aus­tralia in (a) 1965 (b) 1975 (c) 1985?

15. Can dogs be iden­ti­fied by nose prints?

16. In the 2018 movie De­stroyer, which Aus­tralian plays LAPD de­tec­tive Erin Bell, who has mul­ti­ple is­sues with anx­i­ety, al­co­hol, anger man­age­ment and per­sonal grooming?

17. Ac­cord­ing to the 2016 cen­sus, which is the sec­ond-most widely spo­ken lan­guage in Aus­tralian house­holds?

18. The im­pact basin Utopia is on which planet?

19. Which 2834km high­way runs from Dar­win to Port Au­gusta?

20. The Hashemites are the rul­ing fam­ily of which mid­dle-eastern coun­try?

21. Which dis­ease was known as the white plague?

22. Which Aus­tralian golf club is the only one in the world with re­cip­ro­cal rights with the Royal and An­cient Club of St An­drews?

23. Which 750km-long river, with its source in the Macdon­nell Ranges in the North­ern Ter­ri­tory, is re­put­edly the world’s old­est?

24. Name the three 21st cen­tury gov­er­nors-gen­eral who have also served as a state gov­er­nor.

25. The term for the in­hab­i­tants of a na­tional cap­i­tal and a min­eral have which same name?


1. Mozart. 2. Julie Bishop. 3. (a) red.

4. Horses. 5. (c) kung fu. 6. Katherine.

7. Polish. 8. Gold Dig­ger. 9. Robert Men­zies.

10. Dar­ren Weir. 11. Cronulla Sharks. 12. (b) Por­tu­gal. 13. Left. 14. (c) 1985. 15. Yes.

16. Ni­cole Kidman. 17. Man­darin. 18. Mars.

19. Stu­art High­way. 20. Jordan.

21. Tu­ber­cu­lo­sis (TB). 22. Coober Pedy Golf Club. 23. Finke River. 24. Michael Jeffrey, Quentin Bryce, David Hur­ley.

25. Mus­covite.

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