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This week­end have a think about what’s in your wardrobe. Ev­ery day we’re sneak­ing closer to warmer weather, mak­ing this week­end a great time to start plan­ning ahead, so you don’t throw your­self into a frenzy at the first scent of spring

Let’s start with a recipe for a quick cleanse

First, free your­self of all the cheeky lit­tle things you’ve let slide over the past cou­ple of months (years).

Dodgy lit­tle num­bers that mas­quer­ade as favourites.

You know the ones, per­haps they have a tear here and there or a cou­ple of mys­te­ri­ous holes or marks that have been go­ing un­no­ticed or ig­nored.

Per­haps they’ve been so loved that they’re barely there at all …

Un­for­tu­nately, even in our quest to be greener, some things, if they can’t be re­paired, need to move on

Like sur­round­ing your­self with won­der­ful peo­ple, you need to clothe your­self with a

won­der­ful wardrobe, one that makes you feel good!

Start try­ing things on and think about this, what haven’t you been wear­ing and why?

Is it dam­aged? Can it be re­paired?

Is there some­thing not quite right about the colour?

Was it a gift or does it not fit? Can it be al­tered?

If not, who will it fit or who can it ben­e­fit? You don’t need a big­ger wardrobe, you need a bet­ter one, we all think we’d love a big­ger wardrobe (be­lieve me I’ve been nag­ging my hus­band for­ever) but re­ally, all you need is a wardrobe that works bet­ter for you no mat­ter the size.

Now, move to the pieces that are be­gin­ning to be­come dec­o­ra­tive.

Hanging pa­tiently, pret­tily dream­ing of the soft rays of sun­shine warm­ing them as they sashay across a crowded street.

Is it fair to keep them locked away, wait­ing and watch­ing each of your fash­ion mo­ments pass them by …. surely not!

Ask your­self, if not you, then who can en­joy these pieces? Lov­ing fash­ion is al­low­ing it to be loved.

If you aren’t wear­ing or en­joy­ing it any­more or it doesn’t make you feel amaz­ing, there’s some­one else who has a very spe­cial place for it in their wardrobe, be it a friend or some­one in need.

Re­mem­ber your wardrobe isn’t some­thing you just fill and for­get.

An ideal wardrobe no mat­ter what your style, is one where the items within work to­gether – if it’s dis­or­gan­ised or you are strug­gling to mix and match the pieces.

I’m sad to say you’re in for many a wardrobe melt­down and there’s noth­ing fash­ion­able about that.

I wouldn’t be the first to feel that I don’t want to go to the party be­cause I just can’t get it to­gether.

It hap­pens, it’s not nice, so to be kind to your­self and your wardrobe and sort it out!

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