1. Which two words in Ad­vance Aus­tralia Fair con­tain the let­ter “j”?

2. Which for­mer prime min­is­ter was de­feated in his seat in the re­cent fed­eral elec­tion?

3. In Morse Code, which vowel is rep­re­sented by two dots (a) A (b) E (c) I?

4. At the Lon­don 2012 Olympics, which sport was con­tested where the an­nual Troop­ing the Colour cer­e­mony takes place (a) beach vol­ley­ball (b) eques­trian (c) judo?

5. Be­gin­ning with “b”, what is the term for the pri­mary fat stor­age on some mam­mals, specif­i­cally those that live in wa­ter?

6. What is the term for leav­ing a gath­er­ing with­out say­ing good­bye to the host?

7. Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress is bet­ter known by which name?

8. What is the sub­ti­tle of the lat­est X-men movie?

9. Who has recorded the most podium fin­ishes (14) in the Bathurst 1000?

10. Face­book ini­tially blocked the post­ing of which iconic Copenhagen statue be­cause it had “too much bare skin or sex­ual un­der­tones”?

11. Which Par­ra­matta Eels for­ward has the same name as a for­mer Eng­land test cricket cap­tain?

12. The first ex­plorer to sail up the Bris­bane River was (a) Wil­liam Dampier (b) John Ox­ley (c) Charles Sturt?

13. Dy­ing re­cently at the age of 84 was which Australian film critic dubbed “Mr Movies”?

14. Beatrix Pot­ter’s cre­ation Mr Jeremy Fisher was a (a) frog (b) rab­bit (c) tur­tle?

15. Which Australian golfer was run­ner-up in the 1975 British Open (a) Jack New­ton (b)

Greg Nor­man (c) Peter Se­nior?

16. “I don’t like your lit­tle games. Don’t like your tilted stage,” are lyrics from which song?

17. Which oc­cu­pa­tion was listed on the busi­ness card of 1930s Chicago gang­ster Al Capone?

18. Which for­mer fed­eral pres­i­dent of the ALP was an un­suc­cess­ful Lib­eral Party can­di­date at this year’s fed­eral elec­tion?

19. Which $14 mil­lion race, billed as the world’s rich­est race on turf, will be run at Royal Rand­wick next Satur­day?

20. Which Ital­ian tenor re­ceived 165 cur­tain calls for his per­for­mance at a Ber­lin opera house in 1988?

21. “Once there were four chil­dren whose names were Peter, Su­san, Ed­mund and Lucy,” are the first words of which 1950 fan­tasy novel by CS Lewis?

22. In 1979, US pres­i­dent Jimmy Carter con­tro­ver­sially did what to his hair?

23. Mem­bers of which in­ter­na­tional hac­tivist group wear Guy Fawkes masks in pub­lic?

24. Matilda the Mu­si­cal is a stage play based on a book of the same name by which au­thor?

25. What is the term for a hacker who vi­o­lates com­puter se­cu­rity for per­sonal gain or ma­li­cious­ness?


1. Re­joice, joy­ful. 2. Tony Ab­bott. 3. (c) I. 4. (a) beach vol­ley­ball. 5. Blub­ber. 6. Tak­ing French leave. 7. Tower of Lon­don. 8. Dark Phoenix. 9. Craig Lown­des. 10. The Lit­tle Mer­maid. 11. David Gower. 12. (b) John Ox­ley. 13. Bill Collins. 14. (a) frog. 15. (a) Jack New­ton.

16. Look What You Made Me Do. 17. Used fur­ni­ture dealer. 18. War­ren Mun­dine. 19. The Ever­est. 20. Lu­ciano Pavarotti. 21. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 22. Changed the part from right side to left side. 23. Anony­mous.

24. Roald Dahl. 25. Black hat hacker.

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