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Oggcamp is back!

Take a pilgrimage to Canterbury in August.


It may have taken 2016 off, but Oggcamp is back for 2017. It’s all change, with a new organising team and a new venue. Led by Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs and featuring members of the Oggcamp and Linux communitie­s, the hope is to capture the spirit and feel of the previous events.

Oggcamp appeared on the events scene in 2009, as a follow-up to LUG Radio Live, a podcast ensemble hosted by prominent members of the UK Linux community. It started small, occupying the top floor of a small hotel in Wolverhamp­ton, but over the years got bigger – much bigger. It took place in Liverpool’s John Moores University for many years, where we saw the first publicly available batch of Raspberry Pis go on sale in 2012 via Pete Lomas. Oggcamp has also ventured out to Oxford and Farnham, helping everyone to travel to the venues.

No matter where the event was held, the organisers were guaranteed a great attendance from the Oggcamp community, who travel the world to take part in a weekend unconferen­ce full of great talks, workshops, stalls and the most important part, socialisin­g.

Oggcamp 2017 takes place on August 19 and 20 in Canterbury’s Christ Church University. The organisers are providing accommodat­ion at a reasonable rate, and very close to the venue. You can find out more about tickets, accommodat­ion and social engagement­s via the Oggcamp website.

Good luck to the team, as part of the old organising team I understand the amount of work that goes into creating an event. Most of it is unseen by the delegates, but they appreciate every effort that you make.

 ??  ?? Oggcamp has many fans, one of whom is Stephen Fry, seen here.
Oggcamp has many fans, one of whom is Stephen Fry, seen here.

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