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PHP North West 2017

A celebratio­n of the programmin­g language for the web. Now in its tenth year, PHP NW has seen many great talks, workshops and panel discussion­s that each reflect a different aspect and project in the PHP community. The event takes place at Manchester’s Conference Centre between September 29 and October 1. http://conference. Makerspher­e 2017 Makerspher­e 2016 was a surprise. Organised by teachers at St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School as a way to engage with local children and parents, it attracted over 350 people for a fun day of workshops. There was even a live stream of ESA astronaut Tim Peake returning to Earth after his time on the ISS. This free event is taking place again on July 15 and offers everyone the chance to join in and learn more about electronic­s, science, engineerin­g, computing and robotics. http://makerspher­ Norwich Raspberry Jam May 27, just a few days after Norwich Gaming Festival. This new event hopes to invigorate a love for Pi in the East Anglia area, an area that while being close to Cambridge has not seen many Jams take place. The organisers are keen to find out who will come to the Jam, and have created a short form. If you can help run a session or bring some cool projects, then please do. You can also just come along and see what others are doing.

You can find the form and more details here LXF223Norw­ichRJAM

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