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Support and documentat­ion

Getting started requires studying documents and tutorials.


Even if you have experience with CAD software, it is essential to practise methodical­ly, exploring the different methods and tools available. We will now look at how much training is needed to get the hang of each program in our roundup. The quality of a program’s documentat­ion is also important but it is not a practical way to get started: tutorials are much faster. LibreCAD has moderate but clear documentat­ion, the tutorials are usually clear and useful. Many are in French, German and Spanish but all the basics are covered by English speakers. FreeCAD has a brilliant solution where you can view their web based documentat­ion in a FreeCAD tab, eliminatin­g the need to swap to your browser for help. The tutorials on YouTube cover everything from the basics to making meshes for the complicate­d FEM functional­ity. SolveSpace is very easy to get used to: work through one or two of the available tutorials and keep a scrap of paper to remind you of the keyboard shortcuts and you should be off in less than 30 minutes.

OpenSCAD has a huge library of documentat­ion and there are many tutorials, but be prepared to brush up on your maths skills. Starting with this software will be a bit harder and take a bit longer but you will have great support from documents and tutorials.

The QCAD manual is short and concise, using the tutorials is a must.

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