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Don’t rule out using web-based solutions: they keep updated and add new features continuall­y. There are plenty available, free ones usually ask for payment only if you need to have private drawings. Tinkercad is a playful 3D modeller made by the original giant of CAD, Autodesk. They also have profession­al services which we have not covered here. Onshape is a great cloud-based applicatio­n where you can create fully functional and truly profession­al drawings, for free, with the caveat that all your drawings will be public. The tutorials provided are awesome and come as a document that you can copy. Onshape is particular­ly geared towards working on online collaborat­ive projects. There is also the site where you can edit and view the results of the JSCAD language for building 3D shapes. The language is JavaScript, with 95% of the OpenSCAD language implemente­d and the ability to use JavaScript functions. You don’t create an account, and the whole thing can also be installed locally, depending on Node.js.

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