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Caution: Old Websites!


Beware of an old web page that may be your first Google result, going by the URL: It has an old key file from early 2016: do not use it! If you use this file, your Blu-ray success rate will drop from about seven out of ten to something like four out of ten – a mistake we found out the hard way! This link may still be included in a number of manuals and tutorials, so if you’ve written some older documentat­ion yourself, please update the link. The correct link is: If you visit this page, you will likely get a key database file from the last few days and infinitely more keys than the old 2016 file. Also included are links to further libraries and useful programs, along with added documentat­ion, and the all-important link for uploading keys.

Note that a number of tutorials and programs are hosted on the doom9 forums rather than a central web page which makes the process all a bit anarchic: some of the links no longer work and some tutorials need updating (which are unfortunat­ely in crucial areas if you’re a Linux user trying to generate a Blu-ray key). This had us running in circles for a few weeks, so hopefully their old info can be updated soon.

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