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You’ll just need the Ubuntu SDK framework and a bit of persuasion to make this Ubuntu phone QML-based applicatio­n launch on PC. It is perfectly playable with a mouse pointer, though.

You must defend one end of the path (it’s marked with a heart sign) from a constantly advancing queue of bots. They aim to reach your heart and you have to destroy them by placing armoured towers alongside the path. You gain dollars for each destroyed bot and can upgrade your towers or spend more money to unlock more advanced guns. The game has many different types of turret: some slow down the bots, others damage them by shooting or emitting deadly waves.

The variety of objects turns the game into a complex and dynamic quest where you need to quickly take a right decision, such as upgrading current turrets, or selling some in order to place more powerful ones in different places. The key to victory is the optimal and balanced planning of your defence. You have ten lives for each level, which means that you still can advance to the next ten if you let pass not more than nine bots to your heart. But the most breathtaki­ng challenge is to keep your path perfectly armoured and not let anyone break through.

You collect stars after completing each level. The more stars you have the more powerful weapons you can buy during the next match. The default package ships with 25 levels, more than enough to spend a week or two engineerin­g perfect defensive solutions against dumb alien bots.

“Keep your path perfectly armoured and don’t let anyone in.”

 ??  ?? One of the best games for Ubuntu phone, on desktop.
One of the best games for Ubuntu phone, on desktop.

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