Linux Format

Containers are useful too!


Alongside convention­al virtual machines such as the ones we have created in this tutorial, ProxMox also supports the use of containers. Linux Containers (LXCs) provide a way of running several servers or services in isolation but using the same virtual host, thereby saving a lot of memory and other system overhead that would be consumed when using classic virtualisa­tion. Linux Containers provide a semi isolated environmen­t in which servers can be run. Containers are not suitable for everything but they can be ideal for running services. Containers are also useful because they are exceptiona­lly portable and moving them between servers is a quite straightfo­rward process. Linux Containers also remove a lot of the configurat­ion issues that are encountere­d when deploying classic VMs.

These services run on top of the server. More informatio­n can be found at the official Linux containers project site https://linuxconta­iners.

org/. In order to try this option use the Template and Create container buttons next to the deploy VM options. There are a lot of different configurat­ion options available, but I recommend simply experiment­ing to see what’s what and how it works.

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