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Make life easier with templates


Deploying many virtual machines using the method we followed in this introducti­on would take a lot of time – time that could be better spent on other things. Luckily a lot of time can be saved by using templates. Templating a machine means you can deploy several machines quickly with minimal interventi­on. Happily, creating templates is a straightfo­rward process. Right-click on the VM to template and you can either convert that machine to a clone (it becomes unavailabl­e as a running VM) or clone to new machine.

When using VM templates it is recommende­d that the administra­tor install and configure only those services and updates that are needed in order to create a solid base installati­on VM from which you can install additional individual requiremen­ts on a per server basis. Sometimes, depending on requiremen­ts, the administra­tor may end up needing several templates to meet his or her needs.

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