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Varnish vs Squid


Squid is a very popular forward proxy server that can be configured to work as a reverse proxy. However Varnish was designed from the start as a reverse proxy. Additional­ly, Varnish has a better configurat­ion system that allows you to rewrite URLs and performs and scales better than Squid because Varnish is a multi-threaded applicatio­n whereas Squid uses only one process. Lastly in its favour, Varnish has better invalidati­on support.

On the other hand, Squid has built-in SSL support, whereas Varnish needs additional setup to support SSL. Also, Squid has support for antivirus plugins which might be really important for certain types of user. And finally, Squid is more mature than Varnish because it first appeared in July 1996.

If the aforementi­oned difference­s make no sense to you, it means that you can do your job with either of them! You can learn more about Squid at

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