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Ubuntu Studio 16.04.2


Linux distros are versatile – you can start with the same base and end up with very different final products, as two of this month’s offerings demonstrat­e so ably. Ubuntu Studio’s name is quite a good clue to both its pedigree and its purpose. This is an Ubuntu-based distro that is focused on the more creative uses of computers. It contains a wealth of software for audio, graphics, video, photograph­y and publishing. Yes, you could install a standard Ubuntu system and then add the software you need, but why go to all that trouble, as well as making sure that everything is configured to work together, when someone else has already done the work for you? For example, audio users will appreciate the fact that Jack is already installed and set up.

Applicatio­ns like video processing require a lot of CPU power, while audio applicatio­ns often require a responsive system, especially real-time work. Modern desktop computers are ridiculous­ly overpowere­d for most typical uses, but there are exceptions and these are some of them. Then you need to be able to fine tune your system to get the most out of it, and most of this work has already been done for you with Ubuntu Studio.

As with the standard Ubuntu releases, there are the long term support (LTS) and interim releases. If you are setting up a workstatio­n for producing creative material, a stable platform is usually more important than having the highest possible version numbers for all software, so we have the stable LTS release for you, one that will be supported for at least another four years.

As with the other distros on this DVD, you should not need the login details below. The distros are all set up to login to a desktop environmen­t as a live user. If you see a login prompt, it means that this process failed, the most common reason being a problem with drivers for your video card, See the FAQ on the DVD for more informatio­n on this. The other reason you sometimes need the password is if the desktop’s screensave­r is set up to lock the screen. For distros with a blank password, just hit Enter to unlock it.

Login details: username ubuntu-studio the password is blank.

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 ??  ?? Ubuntu Studio has lots of audio software, with a similar range of choices for other creative areas.
Ubuntu Studio has lots of audio software, with a similar range of choices for other creative areas.

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