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Speaker pHAT


For a typical Raspberry Pi, we hear sound via a cable connected to the HDMI or 3.5mm analogue port. But what if you wished to make a smaller audio project using a Pi Zero? Well, now you can, using Speaker pHAT.

Speaker pHAT is an easy-to-assemble kit, requiring a few minutes with a screwdrive­r, followed by a few more minutes with a soldering iron. The rather fetching board, designed to look like a 1980s Boom box, fits atop all 40-pins of the GPIO. Software installati­on is a simple install script, run from the terminal.

With installati­on complete a quick reboot is all you need to hear music from your project. Don’t expect THX quality to shatter your windows, the sound is clear and crisp but lacks bass, chiefly due to the size of the board. A great bonus feature is that the board also comes with a simple vu meter to show volume levels, so now you can ‘see’ the beat of your music as it plays. This is a fun product that can be used to bring audio to your Zero project, be it a remote control whoopee cushion or an Alexa-based home appliance. While lacking any bass, it provides a light, crisp sound.

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