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PiBorg build robotic solutions for the extreme side of robotics. But for the ZeroBorg they have created a small pHAT board that offers independen­t control of up to four motors, with a total maximum current of two amps. That’s plenty of power for a board of this size.

And talking of power, this board can be powered, and also power the Raspberry Pi Zero, using a 9V battery, enabling the creation of really small but powerful robots. If ever there was a time to start building that army of unstoppabl­e cyborgs, it’s now.

The board comes with two analogue inputs, which are used for sensors, and it communicat­es using I2C which uses only a few pins of the GPIO for full communicat­ion between the boards.

There are two models of the ZeroBorg, KS1 and KS2. KS2 has the most features and is the model that we reviewed. It comes with an Infrared sensor that can be used to control a robot using any TV remote control. It also provides a daisy-chained I2C interface, enabling other boards to be connected. The board does require a little soldering, six GPIO pins to be precise, and this will create a semiperman­ent connection between the Pi and ZeroBorg. If you are serious about robotics, you will enjoy this board!

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