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We’re looking at the new Pi Zero W this issue. What are your Pi plans this year or what do you hope someone else creates next as a Pi project?

Jonni Bidwell

I’d really like to get into making a Raspberry Pi-powered audio powerhouse, using something like the pisound interface available on Indiegogo. But then again I know nothing about making music, and my musical tastes are questionab­le, so I’ll probably just stick to getting Netflix working on Raspbian.

Neil Bothwick

I am using a couple of Raspberry Pis to build my own self driving car. There are still a few teething problems, mainly in avoiding collisions with the cat! I’ll spend more time on it once I’ve finished converting my secret undergroun­d bunker to use Pi power.

Nate Drake

I have a Pi Zero W winging its merry way to my PO box even as I write this. My first project is going to be to recreate the ‘Purple’ Cipher Machine used by the Japanese during World War Two using a Python Emulator (that’s me using the Python Emulator, not the Japanese). Because there’s no tech like retro tech.

John Knight

I was particular­ly taken by the Pandora – a pocket-sized Linux laptop with proper keyboard and epic battery life – but those things are almost impossible to buy! I know Pi laptops already exist, but I crave the Pandora’s magic, miniature form-factor, and the Zero might be an excellent basis for a new alternativ­e.

Les Pounder

The microscopi­c size and cost of the Pi Zero W makes it an ideal candidate for use in wearable projects. To create garments that react to external data, for example, such as a cycling jacket that monitors ambient light and turns on LEDs to keep you safe. Or identifies pollution and notifies you to take precaution­s.

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