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Mint 18 with KDE was a really impressive choice. It looks great. Thanks a lot! I have two requests for a future DVD. I don’t believe anyone has done SUSE Tumbleweed on DVD, though you have done Leap. I have heard that Tumbleweed is pretty nice. Second, how about including the revamped GIMP, which attempts to be more Photoshop-like in so far as menus and user interface. I consider a revamped GIMP to be a critical need in order to get Linux accepted by more desktop/laptop users. If it were my choice I would include the revamped GIMP with all future Linux distros on DVD. GIMP 2.8 works well but is awkward to use because of its interface as compared to Photoshop. EdScott, viaemail Neil says: Hopefully you were happy with us running OpenSUSE Leap 42.1? True, it doesn’t give you the cutting edge of Tumbleweed, but the upside is that it provides more stability! This has got me thinking, perhaps we should run the Live Disc version of Tumbleweed. It’s 1GB in either the KDE or Gnome desktop, though people still need an internet connection for a full permanent install, so it might not be ideal for those that are after a disc install.

As for GIMP we’re not really able to replace the versions that come bundled with distros and it’s

not best practice to replace the version that has been tested and made available through an official distributi­on. However, we will include a .deb or tarball when we’ve mentioned a release in Hotpicks or Roundup too.

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