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The Tuxguitar review in LXF219 shows what a wide range of applicatio­ns are available across all the platforms these days. Tuxguitar is great for music compositio­n, as you have highlighte­d, but the review misses one of Tuxguitar’s major strengths – it’s a great teaching tool.

It allows you to select which of the instrument tracks to follow and, more importantl­y, it allows you to slow down the tempo so that while you are learning you can keep pace with the playback. Other features worth a mention are the ability to put guitar chord diagrams at appropriat­e places alongside of the music, and the fact that it can import files created by other programs such as Guitar Pro and the standard Midi files. A simple search on the web and you can find all manner of Tuxguitar .tg format files ready to download and play and learn. Ian Hartas, viaemail

Neil says: It’s interestin­g how one person’s take on a tool can totally overlook another person’s use. It’s excellent to hear from someone using such a tool. We don’t cover music and audio too often, though we’ve tried. So if any other readers would like to let us know how they’re using their Linux systems for music and audio, write in!

 ??  ?? Tux can do anything and it appears that includes growing fingers.
Tux can do anything and it appears that includes growing fingers.

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