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Last month’s Lin­uxFor­mat went to press too early for us to in­clude the full re­lease of Ubuntu 18.04 so we are mak­ing up for it here. Not only do we have the new­est LTS Ubuntu, but we’ve built one of our desktop remixes for you. In ad­di­tion to the de­fault Gnome desktop you can also choose ei­ther Budgie or Cin­na­mon. You can switch be­tween desktops by log­ging out, se­lect­ing the live user at the lo­gin screen, and then press the gear icon next to the sign in but­ton to se­lect a dif­fer­ent desktop. Al­ter­na­tively, you can choose a desktop when you boot from the DVD.

Three desktops may seem a lit­tle mean to reg­u­lar read­ers − af­ter all, we usu­ally in­clude more than that. How­ever, both Ubuntu and Fedora have grown since their pre­vi­ous re­leases, leav­ing us with around half a gi­ga­byte less disc space to play with. Part of that growth has been the desktops them­selves, so that’s a dou­ble whammy as far as avail­able space is con­cerned. Still, both Ubuntu and Fedora are pop­u­lar distros with our read­ers and so we couldn’t con­sider ex­clud­ing ei­ther.

Be­cause of the way we have to cre­ate the remix nowa­days (to com­ply with Ubuntu’s re­dis­tri­bu­tion re­stric­tions) it’s not pos­si­ble to in­stall Ubuntu from the remixed desktop. Most in­con­ve­niently, the in­stal­la­tion pro­ceeds al­most to the end be­fore fail­ing. Don’t worry, though − you can still in­stall Ubuntu from the Linux

For­mat DVD by choos­ing the bot­tom op­tion from the Ubuntu boot menu. This gives you a stan­dard Gnome desktop, af­ter which you can in­stall the Sy­nap­tic pack­age man­ager, add the uni­verse and mul­ti­verse repos­i­to­ries in its set­tings and then in­stall ei­ther ubuntu-budgie

desktop or cin­na­mon-desktop-en­vi­ron­ment (or both) to in­stall the re­spec­tive desktop and all of its de­pen­den­cies.

While we ran out of space on the DVD − re­mem­ber when 4.7GB was a lot of space? − your hard disk will be con­sid­er­ably larger, so you can still try some other desktops post-in­stall. Our es­teemed edi­tor nearly wept when I told him there was not the space for MATE, but you can add it sim­ply by in­stalling mate-desktop

en­vi­ron­ment . Sim­i­larly you can in­stall kubun­tudesk­top , lubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop to try one of those flavours with­out a com­plete sep­a­rate dis­tro in­stal­la­tion.

Lo­gin de­tails: user­name ubuntu, no pass­word.

Per­haps we should re­name this re­lease Bionic Budgie, be­cause here is the Budgie desktop as one of the remix choices.

Ig­nore this warn­ing at your peril. In­stalling from the remixed desktops is likely to fail at the point that causes max­i­mum frus­tra­tion.

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