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QMy prob­lem con­cerns the use of my printer, the HP Of­ficeJet Pro 6970 on Ubuntu 16.04. The printer won’t work prop­erly un­til I run sh hplip . This in­volves a di­a­log re­quir­ing the right an­swers from my­self. When I get the an­swers right the printer works cor­rectly us­ing a USB ca­ble. I’m un­able to print by wire­less even though the printer has that fa­cil­ity. I’ve found that HP print­ers in gen­eral work well with Linux. How­ever, my main prob­lem is that for no ap­par­ent rea­son the printer stops work­ing and the hplip pro­gram has to be run all over again. Strangely enough, I ran Zorin from LXF226’s DVD, which iden­ti­fied the printer, found driv­ers and printed a file from

Li­breOf­ficeWriter. All ap­par­ently with­out any in­volve­ment from hplib. Bryan, vi­ae­mail

APrint­ing in Linux has al­ways con­fused me, but it seems like the sit­u­a­tion is slowly im­prov­ing. We used to get lots of com­plaints about the .DEBs pro­vided by Ep­son, which in­sisted on de­pend­ing on out­dated (or non-ex­is­tant) ver­sions of lsb . But Hplip seems to be quite well sup­ported, it’s ac­tu­ally al­ready in­cluded in both Ubuntu 16.04 and Zorin, al­though that ver­sion is older than the one you men­tion. Rather than down­load­ing and run­ning the script each time, you may have some joy just run­ning the GUI set up, which it runs af­ter it asks you all those ques­tions. Try run­ning it with

hplip-gui , you may need to apt in­stall it first, and pos­si­bly re­move the down­loaded Hplip and re­in­stall the one from the re­pos. To add to the con­fu­sion there’s also a new ver­sion (3.18.4) avail­able from the HP web­site, which may do a bet­ter job of re­mem­ber­ing your printer set­tings.

A lot of work went into im­prov­ing printer sup­port in the past cou­ple of Ubuntu re­leases, and prob­a­bly the an­swer is that some of this “driver­less print­ing” magic made it into Zorin. Still, you may not be will­ing to up­grade your OS just to fix this. You’ll be au­to­mat­i­cally of­fered the up­grade to 18.04 when the first point re­lease comes out, by which time there shouldn’t be any nasty sur­prises.

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