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Gnome 45 is coming

Gnome 45 ‘Rīga’ focuses on improved performanc­e plus overhaulin­g windows and file management.


On 20th September, the Gnome Project was proud to announce the longawaite­d release of Gnome 45, codenamed Rīga in honour of the organisers of this year’s Gnome community conference.

We were treated to a preview of all Gnome 45 has to offer while testing daily builds of Ubuntu 23.10 (see review, p.24). The biggest change to the desktop is that the Activities button is no more – instead there’s a small workspace indicator. Handily, it’s dynamic in that it indicates which workspace you’re currently using.

The search feature has also been overhauled. Not only are searches faster and less resourcein­tensive, but the Nautilus file manager now enables users to run global searches, not just within their home folder. The searches themselves can now be ordered in a more useful way, plus there are helpful buttons such as Search Everywhere to expand search scope.

The default image viewer app has been replaced with a slick alternativ­e that supports gestures on a touchscree­n or touchpad. There’s also a new properties sidebar to copy, trash or print images. The image viewer is optimised for both mobile and desktop devices, as is the new camera app, which includes overlaid controls in the viewing area. While we’re talking apps, a number of core programs have an overhauled UI. Sidebars now run to the full height of windows in apps such as Files, Calendars, Settings and Contacts. There are numerous other style updates, such as an updated header bar style for programs such as Console and the Disk Usage Analyzer.

Gnome 45 also boasts two brilliant new wallpapers, as well as improved keyboard shortcuts and pointer visuals. Read the release notes at

 ?? ?? Gnome 45 replaces the Activities button with a handy dynamic workspace switcher.
Gnome 45 replaces the Activities button with a handy dynamic workspace switcher.

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