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It’s perfectly possible to watch and listen to your media through your PC’s web browser – simply log into your account and the web interface has everything you need to display photos, play music and watch films and TV shows, but that’s rarely your preferred option.

Thankfully, a wide range of apps have been developed to make things easy for you – all you need to supply is the IP address (or subdomain if you configure Jellyfin for remote access), along with your username and password. To see what platforms are supported, visit https://,

where you can find official Jellyfin apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets in their respective stores, alongside Jellyfin Media Player for desktop. Jellyfin

also shows up in WebOS,

AndroidTV and Roku stores, too, while both mobile apps also support Chromecast, should your TV not be directly compatible.

When browsing clients on the Jellyfin website, flick the switch to All and you’ll reveal loads of free third-party alternativ­es, too. One app we recommend looking at if you plan to stream music to your phone or tablet is Finamp, which provides a more optimised experience for audiophile­s.

Note, there’s no centralise­d developer of Jellyfin apps, so expect a marked difference between them – particular­ly regarding developmen­t. One example of an app receiving a lot of attention is the Roku app, which after a slow start after its initial appearance in 2020 has undergone rapid developmen­t, with a slew of releases in 2022 and 2023.

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