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System admins go to great lengths to keep an eye on the resource utilisatio­n on the systems in their realm. But it’s always a good idea even for desktop users to do the same to ensure all is hunky-dory with their computer. Every desktop distro ships with a task manager that usually does a good job, but some still leave room for improvemen­t.

Mission Center is a dedicated system monitor and task manager that does an excellent job of helping you keep track of the apps and processes running on your installati­on, and how they are using resources.

It’s available as a Flatpak and can be installed with flatpak install flathub io.missioncen­ter.MissionCen­ter .

You can use the app to monitor the overall CPU, memory, disk and network usage. In addition to overall CPU usage, you can also view usage per logical processor. Additional­ly, the app also displays lots of useful informatio­n including the number of running processes and threads, system uptime, maximum and current processor clock speed, cache sizes and more.

Similarly, when it comes to memory usage, in addition to RAM and swap usage, the app also displays info about the RAM sticks, including their form factor, type and speed. You can also use the app to monitor disk use, transfer speeds and several other details.

For network monitoring, the app has separate displays for Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and displays the name of the chipset on both, along with their hardware and IP addresses, as well as connection-specific details such as wireless speeds and frequency for Wi-Fi.

The app also displays a list of current active apps and processes, along with their individual CPU, memory and disk usage. On the downside, you can’t use the app to stop, kill or end the processes.

 ?? ?? When a process uses large amounts of CPU or RAM, Mission Center highlights it under the Apps tab.
When a process uses large amounts of CPU or RAM, Mission Center highlights it under the Apps tab.

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