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Strange Name Hedge­hogs are small wood­land an­i­mals, although they are known to live in deserts as well. The name ‘hedge­hog’ comes from their ap­pear­ance around gar­den hedges and the cute pig-like grunt noises they like to make. Oink! Spiky Shield A hedge­hog’s back is cov­ered with over 5000 spines or quills. They’re made of ker­atin, which is the same stuff hu­man hair is made of! And just like hu­mans, hedge­hogs lose their spines and grow new ones over time. When in dan­ger, a hedge­hog will roll it­self into a ball with all its spines stick­ing out to pro­tect its soft un­der­side. Gourmet Grub Hedge­hogs are noc­tur­nal, hunt­ing for their food in the dark at night time. Although they have poor eye­sight, they have ex­cel­lent senses of smell and hear­ing, which they use to seek out food. Hedge­hogs like to eat berries, grass and mush­rooms, as well as frogs, snails, in­sects and even snakes and scor­pi­ons. Gross! Spiny Su­per­star Azuki is a pygmy hedge­hog who lives in Ja­pan. He loves ap­ples, go­ing camp­ing and tak­ing baths. Azuki has over 300,000 fans on Face­book and In­sta­gram be­cause he’s al­ways shar­ing the most adorable pho­tos on­line. Soooo cute!

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