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Who’s A Pretty Bird

King­fish­ers are small or medium-sized birds, fa­mous for their long sharp beaks and colour­ful bod­ies. They of­ten have bright bel­lies and deep blue or green wings. They live in forests, usu­ally near the wa­ter, and can be found all over the world, ex­cept for South Amer­ica and the icy north and south poles.

Fab­u­lous Fish­er­men

The name ‘king­fisher’ came about be­cause th­ese beau­ti­ful birds are great at catch­ing and eat­ing fish! They ac­tu­ally use their beaks to spear small fish in the wa­ter and then gob­ble them up. Some king­fish­ers are also known to eat frogs, worms, spi­ders, and even small snakes!

A Feath­ered Fam­ily

A king­fisher’s bird call is used to mark its ter­ri­tory as well as to talk to other birds. King­fish­ers mate for life and live as a fam­ily in bur­rows near the wa­ter, which are usu­ally very messy – you’ll of­ten find fish bones and drop­pings all over the place! Eww!

Bath Time

King­fish­ers like to keep clean. They are known to take baths by div­ing into the wa­ter and wet­ting their wings be­fore sit­ting on a sunny rock or branch to dry. They keep their beaks clean and sharp by scrap­ing them against branches.

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