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Step 1. Fill each of your con­tain­ers with wa­ter and add a few drops of food colour­ing to each. You should now have 3 or 4 con­tain­ers of dif­fer­ent coloured wa­ter. Make the blue wa­ter ex­tra-dark so your galaxy will look just like the real thing!

Step 2. Use your paint­brush to paint the in­side of your jar with glit­ter glue. Don’t worry if it’s a lit­tle patchy – it’ll still look great! Step 3. Fill your glass jar ¼ of the way up with one of your coloured wa­ters. Stretch out a few cot­ton balls so they’re wispy and pop them into the wa­ter. Use the paint­brush to poke them around un­til they soak up most of the wa­ter.

Step 4. Re­peat with your re­main­ing colours un­til the jar is full, us­ing some blue to give your galaxy clouds a dark back­ground. Fin­ish by seal­ing the jar with its lid, and now you have a gor­geous galaxy to keep in your room!





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