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For­est Dweller

Moose can be found through­out Canada and the north­ern states of the USA. They are gen­er­ally found in forests and wood­land ar­eas near wa­ter.

Oh Deer!

They are the largest species of deer, stand­ing as tall as 2.3m, although they look quite dif­fer­ent to most deer. Males have a large pair of antlers on their heads, while fe­males do not. Moose are very heavy, and can weigh as much as a car! They also have wide paws which help them walk on snow.

Munch­ing Moose

Moose are her­bi­vores, mean­ing they only eat plants. They will hap­pily graze on twigs, bark, roots and sprouts, and even aquatic plants like wa­ter lilies. In fact, they can dive up to five me­tres un­der­wa­ter to find their food. And they eat A LOT – up to 33kg a day. That might be more than you weigh!

A Lone Ranger

Moose don’t live in packs, and usu­ally you’ll find them cruis­ing through the for­est at their own pace – which is slow. Although they can run as fast as 56kmph, they like to take their time. When it’s mat­ing sea­son though, they love show­ing off, and you’ll of­ten see two males buck­ing antlers to im­press a fe­male.

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