Ghastly Games

Little Angel - - Party -


Buy a packet of or­ange bal­loons and a packet of wrapped lol­lies. Pop two or three lol­lies into each bal­loon, and then blow them up. Scat­ter the bal­loons around your gar­den un­til you’re ready to play. You and your friends have two min­utes to try and pop as many bal­loons as you can and claim the candy! Ask an adult to keep time.


Pair up your friends and get ready to race! Ask an adult to use ban­dages to tie one leg of each team mem­ber to­gether, like in a three-legged race. First to the fin­ish line wins!


Find the dark­est, small­est place in your house, like a closet or cup­board un­der the stairs. Fill it with scary Hal­loween dec­o­ra­tions like hang­ing spi­ders, fake webs and stream­ers. You could play some creepy mu­sic too. When it’s game time, ran­domly se­lect two peo­ple at a time to see how long they can last in the closet. If they ask to leave the closet be­fore 5 min­utes is up, they lose!

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