Spi­der-Man: Into The Spi­der Verse

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Peter Parker

The orig­i­nal Spi­der-Man, who was bit­ten by a ra­dioac­tive spi­der as a teen, which gave him his spi­der-like su­per­pow­ers. Peter’s a bit older in this film, and has been fight­ing crime for quite a while. He’s been pulled from the orig­i­nal story we all know into Miles’ uni­verse, along with a host of other Spi­der-peo­ple.

Gwen Stacy

In this film, Gwen Stacy isn’t just a su­per-smart col­lege stu­dent, but an awe­some crime fighter too! Go­ing by the name Spi­der-Gwen, she’s just as good at web­sling­ing (if not bet­ter) than the boys! She’s been pulled from her uni­verse by a de­vice called the Su­per­col­lider, and needs to find it to get back.

Miles Mo­rales

Miles is an or­di­nary school kid who lives in Brook­lyn, NYC, with this Dad, who is a po­lice­man, and Mum, who works at a hos­pi­tal. He has a rather unique up­bring­ing as he is half African-Amer­i­can and half Puerto Ri­can, and un­like the orig­i­nal Spi­derMan must work to keep his su­per­hero life se­cret from his pro­tec­tive par­ents.

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