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WHAT AN AD­VEN­TURE we un­der­take when we agree to in­car­nate onto this earthly plane. We are such frail crea­tures and at the same time fierce and pow­er­ful.

Ev­ery week I read sto­ries of peo­ple who have had such ‘bad’ stuff hap­pen in their lives and have been able to over­come their prob­lems and use that event as a step­ping stone to a new fu­ture. The sto­ries are heart-warm­ing and in­spir­ing but the re­gret­ful thing is that they have be­come ho-hum for me be­cause I get so many of them. Then I hear sim­i­lar sto­ries from read­ers and ad­ver­tis­ers and my cir­cle of friends, and I think of my own life and how so-called crises have turned out to be a launch­ing pad for a new me to emerge. So it has be­come very ob­vi­ous to me that with­out these hap­pen­ings we would prob­a­bly have very lit­tle growth.

In­deed an Amer­i­can woman I heard (can­not re­mem­ber her name now – apolo­gies) said that we in­car­nate with a big life les­son to learn and we choose one (or more) of these three routes: re­la­tion­ship, health or busi­ness. Per­son­ally I’ve cho­sen two of them and have been blessed with pretty good stamina (and an ex­cel­lent TCM prac­ti­tioner and a cou­ple of other ex­cel­lent energy heal­ers) so that health is not an is­sue.

We al­ways cover health in our mag­a­zine, and very of­ten re­la­tion­ships, and some­times busi­ness. As you may know, we had a strong re­la­tion­ships fo­cus in our Septem­ber is­sue. If you can­not find a copy now, you can ei­ther send us a few stamps and your name and ad­dress, and we’ll send you one, or you can look online at the vir­tual copy that you can read on our web­site: www. liv­ing­

This month we have two busi­ness sto­ries and it’s look­ing like a cou­ple of money ar­ti­cles lined up for Novem­ber is­sue. Hark­ing back to the three is­sues sug­gested above – re­la­tion­ship, health and busi­ness – wouldn’t you say that money is prob­a­bly tied in with busi­ness, see­ing it’s not men­tioned sep­a­rately as an is­sue, and it sure is a prob­lem for lots of us, in this niche par­tic­u­larly?

We are very ex­cited about quite a few good things com­ing up in our mag­a­zine and web­site. Here are our best three.

First of all, Jost Sauer is back with a new se­ries, start­ing this is­sue. So be sure to keep this one. We still get peo­ple ask­ing us for back copies of his first se­ries, and we ran out a long time ago. Jost is a phe­nom­e­nal man who used to be a drug ad­dict him­self. He is now able to help many peo­ple kick their com­pul­sions – any – it doesn’t have to be drugs nec­es­sar­ily – and we’re very proud to be se­ri­al­is­ing his latest book. We also thank him giv­ing you this freely, when in­deed, he could just be pro­mot­ing it for you to buy. How­ever, I reckon that, when you read his first chap­ter here, you may be more than tempted to buy the book out­right rather than wait to see what comes next.

The next ex­cit­ing thing is that we have a new cal­en­dar go­ing up on our web­site – should be up and work­ing by the time you read this (says she, fin­gers crossed). You can ad­ver­tise an event for 30 days for just $20 + GST, and you get so much for that amount – a pic­ture and up to 200 words, and click­ing from the cal­en­dar graphic on the front page. It’s a DIY thing.

The fi­nal ex­cit­ing thing is… a se­cret… un­til you pick up the Novem­ber is­sue, which, also by the way, brings you the next Cour­ses & Work­shops fea­ture.

In the mean­time, I’m sure you will en­joy this is­sue – so many help­ful hints and awe­some ad­ven­tures in read­ing for you, and of course so many ways to help you through what­ever you might be strug­gling with if you are in the strug­gle phase.

How­ever, con­sider this for a mo­ment… maybe we don’t have to strug­gle at all. In this is­sue, we have a few ar­ti­cles telling us to ap­pre­ci­ate life’s sim­ple things. One sug­gests: “… the earth can help us in ways we can hardly imag­ine... so why don’t we just head into the bush and, well, be healed?” Sounds like great ad­vice to me. Frank and I have a favourite spot in the Dan­de­nong Ranges where we med­i­tate from time to time. It’s so pow­er­ful that I swear I al­most leave my body as I ap­proach it! I might see you there one day, but if we have our eyes closed, just walk on by – or else, as the bench is big enough for more peo­ple, sit and close your eyes too.

With love

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